Holy Trinity and Operation Blessing

A Message from Lois Laurence

Thank you all for your continued response to the needs of Operation Blessing.

Please call Operation Blessing to pick up any furniture items you might want to dispose of.  They will arrange a convenient time with you and pick up with their truck. There are always people with new apartments who need furnishings. 

For instance, when clients leave Crossroads House (homeless shelter) and set up a new apartment, they come to OB for furniture. They also get kitchen supplies, bedding, clothing and food from OB along with all of the other people from the Seacoast who depend upon OB. 

Operation Blessing DOES NOT CHARGE ANYTHING FOR ANY ITEM THEY GIVE AWAY! They operate on a shoestring budget and count on donations for everything.  Please help support them. 

I would like to see how many items we can fill our green buckets with this month. Let’s bring in liquid dish detergent, bottles of cooking oil and pasta and spaghetti sauce. I would love to fill their shelves with these items. (Of course you may bring what you like but if you don’t want to think, just bring in the items I suggested).

OB is located at 600A Lafayette Rd. in Portsmouth (next to the Crossroads shelter where bypass Route 1 comes into Lafayette Rd.) They are open 10 –4 Wed, Thurs and Friday. Their website is www.theobnh.org   Phone number is 603-430-8561.

If you have any questions, contact Lois Laurence