Church Officers

Holy Trinity has the following positions of volunteer leadership:

Assistant TreasurerDisbursement and financial reports.

Financial Secretary Receipts and individual member giving reports.

Property Maintenance and improvement of the church property.

Worship & Music Team Leader Arrangement of worship service and associated music

Caring Ministry Team Leader: Promote the care and wellbeing of members and their families.

Social Ministry Team Leader: Response to human needs outside of the congregation.

Adult Fellowship Team Leader: Care and fellowship activities for members.

Welcoming Team Leader: Christian witness and addition of new members.

Taking Faith Home Team Leader: Support of faith practices in the home and life.

Visitation Ministry Team Leader: Outreach program for those who can’t regularly attend worship.

Stewardship Team Leader: Coordinate the spirit of giving & stewardship campaign.

Education Team Team Leader: Encourage and facilitate Christian education.