Worship Team

We help provide musical, liturgical, and other support for the sharing of God’s love and spirit, as expressed through many forms of worship.

Our worship ministries include: Sunday morning worship and music planning, Special seasonal worship, Assignment and training of worship assistants for each service, Support of adult choirs, bell choir, liturgical dance group, and drama productions.

The Season of Advent

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, November 30, 2017 @ 11:18 AM

Awake! ~ Worshipping in the Dawn  (December 3-24)

“Awake!” captures the focus of our Advent worship experiences.  When one awakes in the early dawn on a clear day at this time of year, the sky turns from the near-black to deep, brilliant blue before the sun appears.  Before the sun actually appears, the hushed sounds of the early dawn trigger anticipation of the bright, new day ahead.  In our Advent worship, we are awakening to the “dawn” of the new church year before Christ’s birth, anticipating in wonder what and how the Lord of Light will impact our lives, communities and world.  

When you arrive at HTELC to worship, the color and decorations in the entrance and gathering area remind us that we are waking to the birth of Christ.  As you walk into the Sanctuary, the overhead draping’s rise toward the light above as a reminder that our Advent journey is not short-term and stationary, but one that encourages us to experience all the elements of preparing for the birth of Christ.    

The Sanctuary is highlighted with deep, royal blue – the color of Advent – in the altar clothes, banners, Advent candles, stain-glassed windows and garland bows.  Advent blue is even in the vestments of the worship leaders.   On close examination, you’ll see blue in the   iridescence of the overhead draping’s - as well as green, red and white, other colors of the upcoming church year.

The worship service itself also helps us to Awake! in  preparing  for and anticipating the coming of Christ the King.   A different family each week lights the Advent candles using a common simple hymn at both worship services.  The weekly lectionary readings and sermon each week change to as we focus on the various aspects the Advent journey.    The choirs use music that enhance our Advent journey.

On some Advent Sundays, our worship services will be boosted by contributions from the liturgical dancers, bell choir, Confirmation students and others.   There will be one service on Sunday, December 17, the Children’s Christmas Program.

May your Advent journey awaken you to the peace, hope and grace of Christ in your life! 


Why Royal Blue Is the Advent Color

Throughout most of the northern hemisphere, both royal blue and deep purple were historically used by and for royalty because those dyes were rare and expensive.   Early Christians assumed these color choices to symbolize the spiritual royalty of Christ the King.  In many mainline churches today, including ours, royal blue is now the Advent color in contrast to  the penitential deep purple of Lent.   

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