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Our Stewardship Team is responsible for promoting expression of Christian Faith in the daily lives of the congregation and promoting the use of funds, time, and talents for the good of the congregation and the community.

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Commitment Sunday: May 21

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, May 11, 2017 @ 1:43 PM

The Stewardship Team thanks all of the team leaders for putting on beautiful displays at our Ministry Team Fair last week!  Our hope is that after exploring the ministries we offer at Holy Trinity, you have discover where God is leading you.  It may be to volunteer in a new ministry, to continue to volunteer in the ministry you are already, and/ or participate in a new one.

Sunday, May 21st, is our Annual Sundae Sunday.  We ask that you please fill out a Commitment Form by checking the appropriate box associated with the ministry team in which you want to serve, whether you  would like to remain volunteering where you are and/or chose new ministries. 

During the service, there will be a time for you to come forward and place your form in the “Gift Box”.  Following the 8:30 service, we will have a Sundae Party to celebrate with thanksgiving all the work that has been accomplished by our Ministry Teams during the past year and to say thanks to all who are making commitments for September 2017- August 2018.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the forms.  It is the most accurate way to be sure that the names of all the people who want to participate in doing God’s work here at Holy Trinity are given to the appropriate team leaders.

Thank you,

Stewardship Team

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