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Every Thursday morning, the Property Team works for 2-3 hours around the grounds of Holy Trinity to spruce it up before our Sunday worship services.  Their usual tasks include  minor building repairs, mowing the grass, indoor cleaning, setting up heavy equipment, and painting.  After finishing the tasks for the day, they meet for 30 minutes for coffee, snacks, and fellowship.  If you are interesting in joining or helping out, contact

Our current Property Team leader is David Mercer. 

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June 2018: Painting, Water Heater, Carpets, and the Parking Lot

Posted by Mark Donahue on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 @ 2:39 PM

With the arrival of warm weather and the spring growing season the Property Team has been busy with mowing, trimming, bushes, plantings and other matters to keep the grounds in good order. The tent is up, a sure sign of the new season and another church picnic. The normal inside routine has continued. The air conditioners have been installed. The Education Office has been repainted and new shelving has been installed. A failed water heater serving the Sacristy and adjoining restroom has been replaced with a new unit. Other routine property matters were resolved. The gas company completed one of its periodic checks for gas leaks in and around the building, and found no issues.

The team has obtained bids for carpet replacement in the Sacristy, first floor hallways, two classrooms, and the Gathering Area. Bids have also been obtained for work to seal the parking lot and driveways and restripe the parking lines. Proposals for the carpet and parking lot work will be presented for approval at the congregational meeting this month.

These are things that jumped to mind as I wrote this blog entry. I probably overlooked something important. Just another few weeks for the Property Team. Stand by for more as the year moves along. David Mercer for the Property Team

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