Property Team

Every Thursday morning, the Property Team works for 2-3 hours around the grounds of Holy Trinity to spruce it up before our Sunday worship services.  Their usual tasks include  minor building repairs, mowing the grass, indoor cleaning, setting up heavy equipment, and painting.  After finishing the tasks for the day, they meet for 30 minutes for coffee, snacks, and fellowship.  If you are interesting in joining or helping out, contact

Our current Property Team leader is David Mercer. 

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December 2017: Snow and ice and everything nice! What?

Posted by Mark Donahue on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 @ 12:01 PM


It is that time of year when we have to think about the inevitable reality of winter ... snow and ice. It is worth taking a trip down memory lane and recalling how we dealt with the "winter wonder land".  Back in the day when the congregation was younger, the parking lot and driveways smaller, the outside walkways and emergency exits fewer, we handled snow and ice largely with volunteers. As our facility became larger, this became impractical, and we hired professional help to plow the lot and driveways. We continued to rely on volunteers to take care of the sidewalks and to clear access and egress paths for our emergency exits. For these ongoing volunteer duties, we have had a group of folks who coordinated among themselves so one or more of them would come in during and after storms or ice events to take care of things. I started calling them the "snow removal team". I should have called them the "snow angels". They were here doing their collective thing even when Martha and I were basking in the warmth of Florida each winter. They have been great, but times change, people's responsibilities change, and some years the demands on this team have been very heavy, if not excessive. A couple of years ago, I asked our snow removal contractor to expand their scope to include sidewalks and paths to emergency exits. This has worked out well, particularly for large snow events, but we are still not off the hook for lesser snow events and icing events. Last Christmas Eve was an important example. Up to about mid-afternoon that day, our lots, driveways, and walks were clear, but we had a significant icing event an hour or so before the start of services, making footing treacherous. It was too late to get our contractor out to do anything about it. We had to deal with it ourselves. In hindsight, I could have done a better job watching the weather forecast which correctly predicted icing throughout the area ... lesson learned! Another thing to keep in mind, the snow removal contractor comes only after significant snowfall, so there will be many cases where we will have to deal with snow on the parking lot, drives, and walks. We would typically not do anything with small accumulations of snow on the lots or drives, but we would take care of the walks. Of course, we would also call in our contractor to treat the lots and drives if there was a buildup of packed snow and ice.

All that said, I suggest all of us who are physically able and so inclined, consider ourselves to be informal members of the snow team ... "snow angels". If you arrive on Sunday or for other church activities and find snow or slippery conditions on the walks, grab one of the shovels just inside the doors and clear a path and put down some ice melt (also available near the doors). I also plan to retain the snow removal team to deal with other, possibly larger, snow removal tasks that arise, but we can all help with the smaller tasks. Thanks in advance to all who may offer a hand from time to time.  Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader.

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