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June 2018

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 11:52 AM

Summer is coming.  The days are longer and the flowers have bloomed.  Lawns have been mowed and school will be ending soon.  Vacations are being planned and anticipated.  A new schedule will emerge and your days might start to look or feel a little different.  I hope you enjoy whatever you have scheduled, even in if what is scheduled is nothing (those are sometimes the best plans!)

Here at Holy Trinity, our summer schedule will soon commence.  On June 10th, we will change the time of our worship schedule and there will be a different rhythm to Sunday mornings as we transition to one service.

The new worship time will be at 9:30am and we will remain gathering on Sunday mornings, at that time, until Labor Day weekend.  If you are an early service person, enjoy a little extra sleep.  If you are a late service person, go to bed a littler earlier, or take a nap in the afternoon. :)

If you are gone on the weekend, there are three ways you can still be part of our worshipping community. 

We have worship on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm.  This is a shorter service with a conversational sermon.  We sing, read the scriptures, pray, have communion and for the sermon we discuss the readings.  Join us and share your thoughts and questions, or simply listen to what is discussed.

Also, we stream our sermons on Facebook live.  If you want to watch it live, log onto Facebook and make sure you “like” our page.  It is located at  Around 9:45am, when we go live, a window or our stream should pop up on your screen.  If you are not available at that time, the video of the sermon is available on the church Facebook page, anytime, immediately following the service.

Lastly, the audio of the sermon is available on the website as well.  Under the “Worship” tab, click on recent sermons and you can play it directly.

Due to copyright restrictions we cannot record or stream any other parts of the service.

One final note, if you are traveling and are not home on a Sunday morning, look for another place to worship.  There are approximately 10,000 ELCA congregations in the United States (and many other churches also). I am willing to bet, there will be one fairly close to where you are.  Remember, your brothers and sisters in Christ are not only those who are within the walls of Holy Trinity, but they are spread throughout the world.  Walk in the doors of a different church and hear the Word of God and receive communion there.  The preaching probably won’t be as good (at least tell me it wasn’t as good!) but we don’t go for solely for the preaching.  We go to receive God’s love and be reminded who we really are…a beloved child of the one who created the cosmos.

Grace and Peace and I look forward to the next time I see you.

Pastor Tim

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