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Our 2017 Library Team leaders are Dorothy Kasik and Judy Evans.  

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June 2018: Books have feelings too

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, June 28, 2018 @ 2:11 PM

Let’s say you’re a book, and let’s say that you’ve been sitting on a shelf in the BGLibrary—untouched—for quite a long time.  You’re aging (twenty-five, thirty years from publication), and although you were once a best seller, no one has checked you out from the Library for at least five years.

Summer is about to begin.  One day you hear a group of people from the Library Team talking about the semi-annual “weeding.” You sit there on your shelf, holding your breath and silently pleading, “Choose me! Choose me!”  It’s been so long since you’ve been read that you’ve almost forgotten what it feels like.  You’re tingling with anticipation: to have your pages turned, to feel a human finger trailing down a page, and---Oh!—if you’re lucky, to have your spine broken! 

It is indeed your lucky day.  You’re lifted from the shelf and your card is ripped out.  For the first time ever, you rejoice you haven’t become a classic (those guys never get picked for the Weeds).  But you! Yes!!  You’re a Weed!

The very next Sunday you’re put on display in the Gathering Area.  Wow.  This place is huge, maybe ten times bigger than the Library.  You’d almost forgotten how big the world is.  Now you’re neatly perched directly below the sign telling folks that proceeds from your sale will buy books for the Isimani Children’s Library, and you couldn’t be prouder.  People mill around.  You hold your breath.  A couple of your shelf-mates have already been plucked from the table, and you remind yourself that in your prime you sold better than they, so surely someone will want you.  You get jostled a couple of times, someone stacks a book atop you, and you begin to prep yourself for rejection.  (Horrors; you heard once that Weed rejects get thrown in a giant book repository in the mall parking lot.  What if that happens to you and you end up slammed between a cheesy mystery and a romance novel? You’re better than that!)

Just as you’re ready to give up, the magic happens.  A real live human being picks you up, thumbs through you—delicious sensation!—slams you shut, and tucks you under his arm…next to an Alexander McCall Smith!  The guy has taste.  Out of the corner of your title page, you watch him slip a ten in the donation jar and turn for home. You’ve hit the jackpot, you’re home free, livin’ in literary cream!

Now, Dear Reader, won’t you consider making some little book as happy as this little volume feels?

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