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July 2017: A lack of libraries globally

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, July 27, 2017 @ 12:58 PM

Kurt and I just returned from a tour across Scandinavia with the Seacoast Community Chorus.  We visited and sang at some of the most beautiful Lutheran cathedrals in the world—three each in Sweden and Denmark—then visited additional cathedrals in both Norway and Iceland.  The oldest was several hundred years, the newest finished in the 1970s.  Each had sanctuaries with soaring ceilings, elevated pulpits, ornate chancels and altars, breathtaking art work, and magnificent pipe organs.  Each had capacious rooms for meetings and social gatherings.  There were well-equipped institutional kitchens.  There were covered transits, carefully manicured grounds, separate chapels, and rehearsal rooms.  Some had attached gift stores and cafes.

None had a library.  So as a church member, you could attend services, listen to a concert, attend synodical meetings, and order a piece of almond cake with coffee—but you couldn’t check out a book.  Which means that Holy Trinity parishioners—and soon Isimanians—have something special!

Our BG Library is well used.  Our Council has been more than generous in supplying library funds, and that means the Team has the ability to keep us all reading.  You make a book or DVD suggestion, and the Team honors it with a quick Amazon order.  

Isimani doesn’t have Amazon, so it’ll work a little differently.  Books will come from a Christian book store in Dar es Salamm.  Because you’ve been so generous in purchasing “weeds” over the past year, Sappi Lugalla and the book store are putting together a collection for a new library.  Then next week Kurt and I and Pastor George travel to Tanzania, and picking up the collection is our first order of official business. The books are at the Lugalla’s home.  Day one, we’ll load them onto our bus and drive them to Isimani.

Of course I came home from my European trip with lots of photos of beautiful cathedrals.  They’re on my cell phone; ask me and I’ll gladly show them off.  I’ll take photos in Isimani too but not of soaring ceilings or velvet wall hangings.  I’m going to concentrate instead on kids checking out their first ever library books.  

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