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Our 2017 Library Team leaders are Dorothy Kasik and Judy Evans.  

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BG Library News: April 2017

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, April 13, 2017 @ 2:49 PM

Springtime in New England!  After a day of snow melt the crocus break through, and you can see a tinge of green around the trees.  After months of cold, slush, and snow, New Englanders welcome the sun.  We revel in growth and color and waking up in the mornings to birdsong.  We throw off winter hibernation, we put away snow blowers and dig out lawnmowers, and we come out of our houses to chat in the yard with our neighbors.  It’s great!  It’s also the beginning of a lot of hard work: picking up what winter winds scatters—leaves, branches, the neighbor’s old newspapers—raking lawns, and weeding gardens.    

Likewise, it’s springtime at the BGLibrary.   A week ago, your Library Team did a significant springtime “weed.”  Books that hadn’t been checked out for at least five years were culled from the collection.  (These will be put on display between services and offered for sale sometime in the near future, and proceeds will be donated toward establishing a library for Isimani.)  

Once our collection was weeded, everything was “replanted.”  With increased shelf room, books are less crammed in, hopefully allowing for better pickings.  Some individual sections were relocated and regrouped.  A couple of specific changes include relocation of our entire fiction series collection to the wall against the sanctuary and moving the “Luther/Lutheranism” section to the lower portion of the long wall.  Above the Luther section you’ll find a display of new acquisitions. 

Like our gardens at home, it’s a work in progress. New shelf labeling and a map will be added in the near future so that library users are better able to find what they want.   The DVD collection will be weeded (as with books, what we cull will be offered for sale), and spinners will be stocked with displays that follow current topics and seasons.

We invite you to explore the changes.  Look around and reacquaint yourselves.  If you don’t find what you want or need, let the Team know by filling out a book request.  Come enjoy the garden!

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