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Holy Trinity’s Council President will update our congregation on the past, present, and future of our church, as well as discussing matters from the Church Council’s monthly meeting.

Our 2018 Council President is David Smith.

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June 2018: Summertime

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, June 14, 2018 @ 2:05 PM

Hey everybody!!!!  It’s summertime summertime sum sum summertime ** ….. Schools are closing, folks are making vacation plans, and for many it’s a time to relax, take some time off, and “recreate”.

We at Holy Trinity entered the summertime phase last Sunday, going to the single service format, holding our Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting, and following that with a gigantic picnic. The service was very uplifting with over 165 in attendance. The congregation approved the Property Team’s request for funds to re-carpet two classrooms, the Sacristy, hallway, and gathering area, and to seal/re-stripe the parking lot.  The picnic included our Indonesian brothers and sisters, and almost two dozen bike riders who use Holy Trinity as their starting point for a cross country Bike and Build trek (check out….. its pretty impressive).  At one point right after the meeting I had to walk out to my car and when I looked back at the church and saw all those tables under the tent with people eating, laughing, and yakking, and a lot of little kids running around, and all those bike people working on their equipment…. I thought Wow! This is so great. How blessed are we? Wow!!

 A big THANK YOU to Tom and Michelle Bernth for organizing the picnic, and THANK YOU to all those many others who contributed and worked, from bringing food to helping to set-up, cook, serve, clean-up, etc. And another THANK YOU to Dave Mercer and his Property Team for putting together the well laid-out proposals for both of those projects that the congregation agreed to. I recently saw an article which read TEAM can be an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More ….. I don’t know who to credit that to, but it certainly was borne out Sunday.

Looking ahead, planning for VBS is starting in earnest this evening (Thursday) with its first meeting with those who have signed up to help work the program, slated for July 29 – Aug.1. It’s never too late to join, so if you’re interested in participating please let the church office or Heidi Morrison or Pastor Tim know. Also active this summer will be the Faith Formation Team, which will be working with the  Coordinator and Pastor Tim in putting together the education program for the coming ‘academic year’.

Lastly, Council will begin shifting into more of a visioning mode as opposed to having been more focused on “now” issues over the past couple of years of transitioning to our called Pastor. This move is recommended in the Synod’s transition manual, which suggests that after getting to know one another over the first six months, it’s a good time to assess the present ministry of the congregation and to think and pray about where God is leading us as we go forward in our ministry with Pastor Tim.

So enjoy the summer, whether you go in the back yard pool, or go swim in a lake or the ocean, or go hiking, or sit in the shade reading a book…. whatever it is you do to relax, recreate, and re-charge your batteries, Enjoy!! And keep Holy Trinity in mind, think about where you’d like to see our church go (what direction, trying to do what, yada yada yada) and what part you might want to have in it all. Tell one of the Council members what you think. And remember that corny (?) but true acronym for TEAM …. Together Everyone Achieves More.

The Peace of the Lord be with you all,

Dave Smith

** The Jamies, a Boston Group, released 1958, re-released 1962, mentioned because for those that can remember back that far, you can bring back memories of old car days a week from Sunday, on June 24th when we have the summer car show in the church parking lot from 9:30 till 1:00 in the afternoon. 

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