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At Holy Trinity, we recognize that one of the best gifts God has given us is each other. We believe we were made to love and support each other and to learn together. Because of this, the foundation of our congregation's learning is inter-generational. Our Faith Formation Team helps plan events and programs for all ages to Grow Together in Faith.

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November 2017: Upcoming Youth Gatherings

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, November 16, 2017 @ 10:44 AM

This coming summer, the triennial ELCA Youth Gathering will be held  in Houston, TX.  Groups of youth from Holy Trinity have attended these youth gatherings in past years and have had wonderful experiences of fellowship, service, and growth in faith.  We hope to send another group in summer 2018.

A number of “alumni” from Detroit 2015 and New Orleans 2012 are still in the congregation, including several young people who are now in college.  On January 7, the first Sunday of the new year, we plan to hold a forum for adults and youth in which several of those alumni have the chance to witness to the congregation about how the Youth Gatherings impacted their lives.  This will be the beginning of the process of planning and preparation for the 2018 group to go.

Thanks to the generosity of the congregation and the good work of prior cohorts of youth, we have a significant amount of funding (more than $8000) already accumulated that we can put toward the trip if the congregation chooses to do so.  This will hopefully take the fundraising pressure off and allow the preparation for Houston 2018 to focus more on the actual experience that those who attend will be having.  Nevertheless, I’m sure there will still be some money needing to be raised, so be prepared!

If you are interested in perhaps attending as a chaperone, please let the Faith Formation Team know, and get ready to hear lots more about the Gathering.  Thank you in advance for your support and prayers!


Pastor Grace and the Faith Formation Team

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