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CaringConnections, a ministry team at Holy Trinity, strives to provide assistance to our fellow members, friends, and family members. When a helping hand is sought, we hope to be there to share God’s blessings with you in the following areas: giving home communion; driving someone to church on occasion; praying, communicating, and visiting those who are ill, in distress, or unable to come to church; offering meals and handmade shawls to those in need; and providing funeral support. In addition, and importantly, CaringConnections sends “care packages” once a year to our students in higher education; we offer a monthly blood pressure clinic in between services and, on occasion, training for using the church defibrillator. For further information, contact or call 603 436-1704.

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March 2018

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, March 22, 2018 @ 1:03 PM

Do you know someone in the congregation who needs a little extra caring, a little bit of contact?  Someone who can't make it to church?  Look no further.  We have someone who will write letters to bring cheer, compassion, and God's word to those in need.  

To start the letter-writing process, please contact member Devorah Dwight, devsilverbirch@gmail, with yours and recipient's name, recipient's address, frequency of letters desired, and circumstance.  Devorah crafts our HT "giving letters," and will gladly accept names and information in confidence.

Additionally, we continue to offer a blood pressure clinic on the second Sunday of each month.  Also each month church members visit and bring cheer and a gift to those unable to attend services; others deliver communion at home.   Cards continue to be sent for birthdays, holidays, and as get well greetings.  

Last month a select group of CaringConnections members supplied food for the Lenten meal.  A round of applause to those who took time to serve us so deliciously! 

If you need us for any caring-related reason, please contact Nancy Hansen at And, if you would like to join our group or ask questions about our mission, contact Nancy at the email address given in this paragraph.

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