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CaringConnections, a ministry team at Holy Trinity, strives to provide assistance to our fellow members, friends, and family members. When a helping hand is sought, we hope to be there to share God’s blessings with you in the following areas: giving home communion; driving someone to church on occasion; praying, communicating, and visiting those who are ill, in distress, or unable to come to church; offering meals and handmade shawls to those in need; and providing funeral support. In addition, and importantly, CaringConnections sends “care packages” once a year to our students in higher education; we offer a monthly blood pressure clinic in between services and, on occasion, training for using the church defibrillator. For further information, contact or call 603 436-1704.

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January 2018: "God loves a cheerful giver; give it all you’ve got!"*

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 2:40 PM

"God loves a cheerful giver; give it all you’ve got!"*

CaringConnections reminds you that Lent is coming up! If you would like to join us in preparing one of the Lenten meals, please sign up with the office manager or email Nancy Hansen.  Also, as winter digs in its heels, think of those who are unable to drive to church and become a DrivingDaisy! Sign up on the kiosk today for one Sunday when you are available, please.

Also, Judy Evans will continue to help you meet your health goals for 2018: She administers the blood pressure clinic every second Sunday of the month.

Otherwise, we continue as usual with delivering communion and visiting those who are unable to come to church; Donna Elliott is unstoppable in creating artistic and thoughtful gifts for them. The Prayer Tree reaches many throughout the month as does Mail Communications, the latter with birthday, get well, and other supportive notes and cards. We are just beginning again to set up meals for those home from hospitalizations or other debilitating illnesses.

Lend a hand! Reach out! You are needed.

 *"God Loves a Cheerful Giver" first line of text from


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