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CaringConnections, a ministry team at Holy Trinity, strives to provide assistance to our fellow members, friends, and family members. When a helping hand is sought, we hope to be there to share God’s blessings with you in the following areas: giving home communion; driving someone to church on occasion; praying, communicating, and visiting those who are ill, in distress, or unable to come to church; offering meals and handmade shawls to those in need; and providing funeral support. In addition, and importantly, CaringConnections sends “care packages” once a year to our students in higher education; we offer a monthly blood pressure clinic in between services and, on occasion, training for using the church defibrillator. For further information, contact or call 603 436-1704.

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April 2018

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 3:25 PM


            My fellow members of HT       
            Please, oh, please get to your feet
            There’s stuff going on and you should know
            Of outcomes that are truly neat!

            Are you hungry or need perchance to eat?
            We make meals, if you’re off your feet.
            We also drive where we must go
            And offer visits, rides, communion retreats.

            College care packages and shawls in a fleet,
            A gaggle of gals and guys say prayers discreet,
            In times of need we send cards and letters, you know;
            Remember the blood pressure clinic:  it’s such a treat!

            So gather ‘round the bulletin board yellow sheets
            That tell of what we do, indeed--
            We love you all and want to show
            God’s blessings from us can’t be beat!

Please contact Mark Donahue in the office if anyone in CaringConnections can help you fulfill a need:  health related, spiritual, communication, or something to brighten your day.  Perhaps to write poetry!!

March 2018

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, March 22, 2018 @ 1:03 PM

Do you know someone in the congregation who needs a little extra caring, a little bit of contact?  Someone who can't make it to church?  Look no further.  We have someone who will write letters to bring cheer, compassion, and God's word to those in need.  

To start the letter-writing process, please contact member Devorah Dwight, devsilverbirch@gmail, with yours and recipient's name, recipient's address, frequency of letters desired, and circumstance.  Devorah crafts our HT "giving letters," and will gladly accept names and information in confidence.

Additionally, we continue to offer a blood pressure clinic on the second Sunday of each month.  Also each month church members visit and bring cheer and a gift to those unable to attend services; others deliver communion at home.   Cards continue to be sent for birthdays, holidays, and as get well greetings.  

Last month a select group of CaringConnections members supplied food for the Lenten meal.  A round of applause to those who took time to serve us so deliciously! 

If you need us for any caring-related reason, please contact Nancy Hansen at And, if you would like to join our group or ask questions about our mission, contact Nancy at the email address given in this paragraph.

January 2018: "God loves a cheerful giver; give it all you’ve got!"*

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 2:40 PM

"God loves a cheerful giver; give it all you’ve got!"*

CaringConnections reminds you that Lent is coming up! If you would like to join us in preparing one of the Lenten meals, please sign up with the office manager or email Nancy Hansen.  Also, as winter digs in its heels, think of those who are unable to drive to church and become a DrivingDaisy! Sign up on the kiosk today for one Sunday when you are available, please.

Also, Judy Evans will continue to help you meet your health goals for 2018: She administers the blood pressure clinic every second Sunday of the month.

Otherwise, we continue as usual with delivering communion and visiting those who are unable to come to church; Donna Elliott is unstoppable in creating artistic and thoughtful gifts for them. The Prayer Tree reaches many throughout the month as does Mail Communications, the latter with birthday, get well, and other supportive notes and cards. We are just beginning again to set up meals for those home from hospitalizations or other debilitating illnesses.

Lend a hand! Reach out! You are needed.

 *"God Loves a Cheerful Giver" first line of text from


September 2017:

Posted by Mark Donahue on Sunday, September 17, 2017 @ 12:51 PM

TWO IMPORTANT PIECES OF NEWS FROM CARINGCONNECTIONS:  (1)  Send your church college or technical school student and military personnel addresses to Care Packages coordinator asap, please, and (2) read the LIST of our 2017-18 members (click here to see if your name is included; many are NOT).  If you did not sign up, your name has been deleted from last year’s roster.

College/Tech School and Military Care Packages campaign begins right now!  First off, we need to know who is attending post-high school training or is serving in the military and his or her address; please email to Pat Woollett at  In a short time, we will let all congregation members know how they may participate.  Don’t go away!  We’ll need your support to get packages to our students and soldiers.

Additionally, the list is being pulled together right now, and if you signed up for CaringConnections, your name and sub-area is listed below; it will be emailed to you shortly.  If you did NOT re-sign up, please send an email to Nancy Hansen at stating your contact information and the sub-area in which you wish to volunteer.  In the meantime, here’s the current list:

Health:  Blood pressure clinics, AED instruction: Judy Evans (coordinator)

Spiritual Connections:

◊    Home Communion:                                       Jill Larson (coordinator),                                                                                                          Nancy Johnson, Ron Indorf,                                                                                                    Donna Elliott, Kathy McKenna,                                                                                              Jill Schock, Franklyn Vosburg

◊    Driving Daisies:                                               (no coordinator signed up),                                                                                                    The Carsons, Bill Clapp,                                                                                                           Jeanne Dalzell, Cristina Dolcino,                                                                                            Ron Indorf, Anggrin Sihombing

◊    Prayer E-Tree:                                                 Donna Huot (coordinator),                                                                                                      Sue Bridge, Jill Larson,                                                                                                              Kathy McKenna, Jill Schock,                                                                                                    Franklyn Vosburg


Tangible Gifts Mission:                                                                

◊    Mail Communications:                               Gisela Wemple (coordinator),                                                                                                 Lois Laurence??, Kathy McKenna??

◊    Care Packages:                                            Pat Woollett (coordinator),                                                                                                     Lois Laurence

◊    Visitations & Gifts:                                      Jill Larson (coordinator),                                                                                                          Ron Indorf, Jill Schock, Franklyn Vosburg

◊    Shawl Ministry:                                           (no coordinator signed up), Jill Schock

◊    Homemade Meals:                                     Nancy Hansen (coordinator),                                                                                                 Sue Bridge, Bill Clapp, Jeanne Dalzell,                                                                                   Donna Elliott, Len and Jean Klein,                                                                                         Lois Laurence, Gisela Wemple

◊    Lenten Meals:                                              (no coordinator signed up),                                                                                                 Helen Goransson, Jill Schock,                                                                                                 Betty Smith, Franklyn Vosburg

◊    Funeral Support:                                        NO LIST RECEIVED,                                                                                                                 Martha Belanger (coord),  Jeanne Dalzell


Sue Bridge                                        603 373-0032   
Leslie Carson              
                 207 363-8941   
Donna Elliott                           prefers telephone call                    603 692-0434    Usher
Judy Evans                                           603 498-8754
Ron Indorf                 603 692-0434    Usher
Jean Klein                             603 868-2260  [Bake only]
Jill Larson                                                   603 363-2939
Phyllis Philbrick      
                   603 742-2159   
Bonnie Sanders         
                603 749-2572
Paulette Sirois                                     603 781-0302
Jo Whiting                                    603 436-8023
Pat Woolett                    c: 603 502-1901; h: 942-7556                                          NOTE:  Pat available weekdays
Elinor Young                          603 742-5271

May 2017

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, May 25, 2017 @ 2:31 PM

CaringConnections seeks to provide services to YOU our fellow members of Holy Trinity.  Contact if you or a family member is in need of a drive to/from church service, prayers, home communion, meals and shawls, special mail greetings and visitations.  We provide a monthly blood pressure clinic at church and funeral support throughout the year.

Our Visitation Ministry is happy to announce that Donna Elliott is a new volunteer who purchases and wraps our gifts each month.  She is doing a wonderful job!  She fills decorated bags with tissues, snacks and special gifts.  These gifts are picked up on the first Sunday of each month by our “visitors” and brought to the home of someone who welcomes the Holy Trinity visitor as well as the gift.  We are grateful for Donna's help and she is enjoying being a part of this ministry.

Mail Communications continues its mission of sending greetings for illness and special occasions.  Like others at Holy Trinity we have recently remembered Judy Hollister and Leah Waldschlagel.  The funeral of Evie Wingo was supported by our Funeral ministry.

For further information, contact or call 603-436-1704.

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